Wooden Mail Boxes : An Ideal Solution for Letters

Wooden mail box is the house for all letters and news papers and is an important house or front yard garden accessory. Wooden postal mail boxes serve both commercial and residential purpose. Wooden main boxes add an appeal to home or office. Wooden mail boxes are functional and a necessity to every home or office. Mail boxes made up of cedar, teak or red wood coupled with fine hand craft is good for all seasons. Skillfully carved, nicely finished, light weighted and individually hand painted or varnished mailbox with natural color is highly functional and provides service for year after year. Powder coating can also be applied on wooden mail boxes. Wooden mail boxes are non toxic and several times better than vinyl mail boxes and of course eco friendly.

Wooden mail boxes have many features like beautiful carving, weather protection, approved as per postal standards, stainless screws or brass screws fitted and of course carries two or more year?s warranty. The font end of the mail box can be decorated with beautiful paintings such as birds, light house, flowers, and animals which attract bird lovers or nature lovers. The inner side of the wooden mail box can be given vinyl lining to make it water proof. Cedar wooden mail box has the natural fragrance in it and withstand harsh weather.

Wooden mail boxes also have the facility of locking with beautiful brass or stainless steel locks. Zinc plated locks offer high safety and durable. Big wooden mail boxes hold large mails and parcels and packets. Beautifully decorated wooden mail boxes can also serve as valuable gift article. Decorative Wooden mail box is also an antique. Variety of colors, padlock system, beautiful printing makes the wooden mail box antique and extraordinary. Wall mounted light weighted wooden mail boxes are popularly used. Wooden mail boxes are also fixed on decorative heavy duty aluminum posts.

Wooden mail boxes though expensive but actually serves great purpose of avoiding damage to the mail or parcel. Teak or cedar wooden mail boxes serve any weather and free from fungal, insect attack because of the aroma of the natural oil in it. Well constructed wooden mail box will not allow rain drops, ice, and snow inside the mail box. This avoids dampness to important mails. Wooden mail box with designs carved on it is no doubt beautifying the front yard and is an essential outdoor d?cor.
Wooden mail box with variety of colors serve as an educational kit to children. Children can learn different shapes and distinguish the different shapes and colors to solve trail and error problems. Wooden mail boxes made up of solid pine and fine oak finish is also available.

Wooden mail boxes are preferred by most people as it has traditional style, elegance and has inviting feel. The designs, shapes and sizes of wooden mail box is very attractive such as cottage mail box, castle mail box, homestead mail box, farm house mail box, church mail box, school mail box, light house mail box etc. Wooden mail boxes with these designs will adore the outdoor area and would serve as an envy to any body.

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