Why Wholesale Candles?

Candles may be the most convenient (and perhaps the easiest to think about) type of gift that one could give during occasions. Actually, candles can be given during Christmas, birthdays and weddings. Think of any occasion – if you can not think of a better gift, most of the time, candles would really do.

That is why candle resellers get quite a high profit especially if they buy wholesale candles. Reselling candles is not a very easy thing to do. When done wrong, they would not be able to get the maximum profit they ought to have. What candle resellers do is look for the best source of wholesale candles; best being the source nearest to them offering the most number of quality candles at the lowest price.


The great thing about candles is that there is a great power for customization as candle makers can create candles of any shape or form, any color or scent! There is a wide range of choices for candles in the Internet to choose from. There are small candles and big candles, heart-shaped candles, star-shaped candles, name it. Prices range from $8.00 to $10.00 for retail sales and $18.00 to $20.00 for wholesale. Candles never fail to attract customers as they are quite affordable and allow personalization. It just goes to show that perhaps candles may prove to be a good way to invest in a business, too!

Why Invest in Wholesale Candles

Be sure to find a good wholesale candle source. It is not necessary though for the businessman to find a wholesale candle seller under a known brand name. It will be quite impossible for the new candle business investor to get a cheaper price compared to major retailers, so perhaps it will be better to find a lesser known source. The important thing anyway is to be sure that the chosen source, though not under a big brand, provides quality candles.

Candles are quite underestimated for their quality. Candles, though most of the time considered as a first (and perhaps last) resort for gift giving, still have its own worth and is special in its own way. There is still a certain uniqueness to each candle and whatever its use may be – may it be an air freshener for your bathroom or a light during black outs – candles are still good buys.

There are many various wholesale companies around and all the times that a person chooses a wholesale associate, there are a certain number of various considerations you need to bear in mind. These considerations include firstly reliability because if a wholesale associate is not lack of confidence, then there is really no point by taking things any further. Secondly, reasonable costs. With low cost but good quality products, it should help bring down the cost of doing business. If these two are accomplished, then the wholesaler could be good to work with. If you’re interested in candle wholesaling, check out the Internet to purchase your own set of wholesale candles and perhaps start your own candle business as well!

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