Why Have Karaoke Nights In Pubs And Clubs Become So Popular – And Where To Find Them?

There was once a time when you needed to be a musician to be able to perform in public, but with the advent of easily obtainable music backing tracks, and the need of pubs and clubs to attract new patrons, all this has changed.

And seeing ordinary people thrust into the limelight via TV shows has given us all the idea that our voices, once upon a time confined to the bathroom, is now something we should be parading in public.

It’s not as if the desire to sing in public is a new thing – a few beers have always unloosened the vocal chords, even when the only option was singing along around the pub piano.

No longer is karaoke known as the opportunity where those who absolutely, positively cannot sing a note go to prove it – today’s karaoke nights are populated by some very talented singers. Lured by singing to high-quality backing tracks, karaoke has become a respected arena for even some high profile pop stars.

But if you’re a ‘karaoke virgin’, don’t be alarmed – different venues cater for different levels of singing talent, and the spirit of karaoke means that no singer genuinely trying their best is ever given less than appreciative applause.

Most karaoke gigs are held in pubs and clubs, but are often not advertised. Unless you happen to be there on the night, chances are you’ll never know that the karaoke exists – and some karaoke nights are held only once or twice a month.

Whilst major cities will have karaoke running somewhere every night of the week, in the lesser cities karaoke may be found only late in the week and at weekends; and most major towns will have karaoke somewhere on a Friday and Saturday night.

Rural towns will often have karaoke at the weekends in the RSL or sporting club, and taxi drivers are another good source of karaoke venue information.

But the very best place to find your karaoke is on websites, and Australia’s most up-to-date list is on where2sing.com – with more than 800 venues listed nationwide.

It’s not just finding a karaoke night that matters, it’s now important to find the right type of night.

Are you a first timer looking for some free entertainment and possibly a chance to get up on stage and sing? Or are you an experienced singer who wants a filled auditorium of people to impress? Every pub and club is different, and selecting one that suits you is the key to really enjoying your night.

With the Internet being the first choice of many seeking information, websites now hold the feedback of singers who have already visited venues and are keen to share their knowledge.

One result of this is the ‘Where2sing.com National Top 10 Karaoke Venues chart’ which is taken as a benchmark of a venue’s karaoke quality.

Where2sing.com is also a sponsor of the Australian heats of the Karaoke World Championships 2007 – Australia placed 5th in 2005 but scored a victory in the men’s titles in 2006 by coming first.

And whilst there’s now even online karaoke where you can upload your singing performance to websites for others to hear and rate, nothing beats the friendship and entertainment of a live karaoke night in a pub or club.

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