Where To Find Metal Detectors

A pulsing current is applied to the coil, which then induces a magnetic field shown in blue. When the magnetic field of the coil moves across metal, such as the coin in this illustration, the field induces electric currents (called eddy currents) in the coin. The eddy currents induce their own magnetic field, shown in red, which generates an opposite current in the coil, which induces a signal indicating the presence of metal. If you are planning to buy a metal detector to join the treasure-hunting fun, here are some tips to guide you so that youll get the best deal possible. Metal detectors can be pricey, so youve got to invest your money well.

The metal detectors in airports, office buildings and prisons for example help ensure that no one is bringing a weapon onto the property. Consumer oriented metal detectors provide entertainment to people and give chance in discovering hidden treasures. In 1881, Alexander Graham Bell constructed one of the world?s first metal detectors in an attempt to find an assassin’s bullet in President James Garfield. Fischer patented a portable version in 1931.

Where to Find Metal Detectors

Metal detecting is attracting more and more enthusiasts. It combines the thrills of treasure hunting with the serenity of nature. It is a great way to clear one’s mind of the daily stresses of life and it also gives him a chance of finding something valuable. Getting a metal detector is a must in metal detecting. No one can engage in metal detecting without a decent metal detector. The question is- where does one get a metal detector? If you are a beginner or a curious soul who would want to get involved in the hobby of metal detecting, then reading the information below will really help you. Here are some ways of finding metal detectors:

-Go to Radioshack

The country’s biggest distributor of electronics is also selling metal detectors. Not many know this fact, but one can purchase brand new metal detectors at Radioshack. They sell the basic models which can cost as low as 50 US dollars and they also sell the advanced models which cost thousands of dollars.

-Go on-line

The Internet has changed the way the world works. Businesses and business transactions have been made “on-line” and whether or not we like it, it is a good thing. Finding metal detectors on the Internet is not such a bad idea. There are a lot of sellers out there who are willing to sell their metal detectors at reasonable prices. With the high cost of advertising in other media forms, they have gone to the Internet to find buyers.

Any place that someone would spread a towel would be a spot to loose something in the sand. Change could fall out of a pocket when getting in or out of a car. Where ever a concession stand might have been is a good area to search. Look for places that people might have gone after dark for a romantic interlude. A good time to check out the beaches is after a large storm. Any place there is construction and the ground is being cleared, that is a great place to start treasure hunting. Successfull treasure hunting starts with having the right metal detector. But which type of metal detector should you get? Complete info on metal detectors and treasure hunting at http://detect-metal.info.

ome detectors have more ways of adjusting the “fit” to the person. Some of the other ways that detectors adjust are that the arm cup can be raised or lowered, and the box containing the board and controls can be taken off of the pole and mounted in a small pouch. Many people say to us “I have always wanted to do this!”

As stated earlier, metal detectors could really be expensive. You can cut on cost if you cut on features. Try to look for the best bargain by enumerating the features you are going to need against the one that you can leave off. If you are planning to buy a metal detector, you should check out the features of each before buying one. Metal detecting is a fun hobby but having the wrong equipment can cost you time and money.

For walking speed, remember the paint rollerr analogy above. As long as you are painting the entire surface of the ground and not missing any spots, you are not walking too quickly. However, if you find that your imaginary paint is missing areas, you need to slow down your pace.

There are many different types of metal detectors, some are more complicated then others. Go treasure hunting today! Ebay, the biggest on-line auction website is a portal where metal detectors can be bought and sold. Thousands and thousands of brand new and second-hand metal detectors are posted in Ebay. There are thousands of metal detector distributors who have also engaged themselves in the Internet. Find one which has a store near you and visit them personally. Locating these stores has definitely been made easier with the availability of the Internet.

-Join a metal detecting club

If you are really keen on getting on the metal detecting bandwagon, you would probably want to sign up for a metal detection club. If you are already a member of the club, they can really help you find good metal detectors which will meet your needs and your wants. Take it from the experts and you’ll never have to take the risk of buying something that you don’t really want.

One should research on his own and ask other people about metal detectors to know what he would want to buy. The equipment will eventually add to the whole experience of metal detecting. Enjoy! When hand-held detectors are switched on, a red signal pattern in transmitted from the coil to the ground. When the signal comes in contact with a metal, it interrupts the signal and the detector alerts the user with an audio signal and flashing lights. Now that you have learned the three different types of metal detector, it?s up to you to make your choice as to what type of detector you wish to use for your searches.

Using the product is the best way to learn its features. And later on you can easily read the signals. Another plus point is that it is very easy and convenient to carry.

Prices of used metal detectors vary from $275 to $700 for all-purpose metal detectors. Underwater metal detectors can cost around $500.

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