Where To Find Fountain Making Materials

For those of you with a creative spirit, you may be wondering where you can buy the materials to create a fountain of your very own. Most people do not really know where to begin so the following are a few tips on where you can find common water fountain making materials.


Any kind of tub or giant container would be appropriate to store the water for your fountain. Just make sure that if you are using the tub for an indoor fountain that it is watertight to avoid leaks. For antique tubs (metal or stone) perusing farms and flea markets are good ideas. Ceramic or glass bowls are readily available at your local garden centers or home supply store. Import stores are sure to offer exotic ceramic and glass bowls from abroad. Aside from ceramic or glass bowls, these same stores offer wonderful concrete or metal planters and concrete tubs. If resin is more of your fancy, you will find Polyester resin bowls at craft stores and florist shops. The most flexible find are wooden troughs. Aside from the fact that you can visit a farm or garden center to buy one, you can also make your own. Just purchase wooden planks and create the shape container you want. All you need are nails and a hammer. Just make sure to line the wooden trough with a plastic liner such as those suitable for ponds.

Fountain System Supplies

There are an array of fountain supplies you will need to create a successful running system. The most important part of the fountain is of course the pump. Without the water pump the water would remain lifeless and even stagnate. Make sure you buy a pump appropriate in size to properly circulate the water for your fountain size. Pond supply companies are perfect for not only supplying pumps but also basic filters and biofilter attachments.

To carry the water through the fountain system, you will need copper tubing (rigid or soft). If you need tools to work the copper the following three should suffice: soldering tools, flux and solder. In lieu of copper tubing you can opt to use vinyl tubing. All of these materials can be easily found at your local garden center or home supply store.

Preventing Leaks

Obviously you want to be prepared to prevent as well as fix any leaks that your water fountain might have. Epoxy and silicone caulk are common ?quick fix? materials for sealing and waterproofing. Epoxy putty is an easy-to-use miracle worker as you just put a dab of it on a leak to seal the hole or crack. You will also want to keep grout on hand especially if you have a fountain made of ceramic tile or mosaic pieces. Grout is used as filler between tiles/pieces. Polyester resin is also used as a waterproofing sealer. All these materials can also be found at home and building supply stores as well as marine supply companies.

The best thing to do if you need some personal water fountain building advice is to visit your local home building supply store. They usually have knowledgeable staff on hand to guide you step-by-step on the materials you need. Just be prepared to explain the exact type of water fountain you desire as well as where you intend on placing it (indoor or outdoor). These home building stores usually carry every component you will need to put your creative juices to work.

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