What Is A Scrapbook?

All of us have heard of scrapbook but not all of us have really ventured into creating one. One sometimes really wonders whether creating a scrapbook is something we should attempt. These books filled with pictures, quotes and memories were definitely in vogue when we were kids and most of our parents had one wherein they stored memorable moments of us growing up. With the digital cameras taking over, our parents definitely had many more photo albums than we do.

A scrapbook is a book that aids in collecting scraps of memory to keep safe till the time you decide to take a walk down memory lane and revisit school or college days once you are too old to have vivid memories. It is something like a ?pensieve’ in which Dumbledore saves his memories except the one that you have will have will need to be created without the aid of magic.

Magic or no magic, you can conjure up a delightful scrapbook by a little bit of creativity. It can recount events of certain specific important days, have pictures of your first crush, include dried up petals of the first rose you ever got and be personalized with hand written comments from friends and dear ones.

Each scrapbook is personal and speaks a million words about the individual. Many secrets are hidden in the folds of the book and may be revisited years later. For many it is a fantastic way of capturing memories that you might forget later to share with your children and your loved ones once you are ready. Scrapbooks can form a lovely intimate gift to give someone you love, be it your kids or spouse.

Some people have the urge to create their own scrapbooks but feel that they are not creative enough to do justice to the concept. For such people many companies have made life easier by providing solution and easy do-it-yourself guides. There are many pre-packaged scrapbooks available that have various sections to kick-start the creative process. These are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased even if you are not sure whether you shall see light at the end of the tunnel. If you are crazed about the idea of a scrapbook and do not have the time to do it yourself, then hiring someone to do the job can also be considered. Even though the professional might do justice to the individuality that you want to lend to the book, creating a scrapbook on your own has its own charm.

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