What Do I Need For Homemade Hydroponics?

If you intend to build or purchase one of the many types of homemade hydroponics, you should consider very carefully what you really intend to grow because not many homemade hydroponics can be used effectively for any crop. If you are new in the agricultural business and don’t know how to start you can always look for homemade hydroponics in a local store but I must warn you that I haven’t seen a very cheap one yet. Let’s have a closer look at what you really need to do in order to have a successful business.

What Do I Need For Homemade Hydroponics?

First of all you will need one tote that will work as the nutrients and mineral reservoir; then a water pump will be used for oxygenating the nutrients all the time. An upper container will be used to hold several other smaller plant containers, in the container’s bottom two holes must be made and used in the following way: one hole will support the flood and drain, and the other one must placed for the overflow pipe. A short tube pipe must be taken from the water pump to the drain fitting, and the water pump must be connected to a clock. This is the basics of an effective homemade hydroponics. The pump must work four times a day about half an hour each time.

If you succeeded in putting together a functional homemade hydroponics then your job is half done, because the other essential part is to learn how to feed your plants, according to the type of crop you are growing certain nutrients and minerals are to be used to achieve a satisfying result.

One of the best ways to prevent failure is to acquire a Ph meter and an EC meter that will both help you in monitoring the amount of nutrients and minerals your system has. As it can be seen homemade hydroponics are not something very easily made, but with determination and a little effort, results will show.

The things you will need for homemade hydroponics

Building homemade hydroponics is neither impossible nor too expensive, you will just need two 32 liter plastic totes, an aquarium water and an air pump. You also need to buy some flood and drain fittings and finally some plastic tubings and a timer. Hydroponics has become quite a hobby for many researchers and the fact is that its importance is recognized even by NASA that use this technique in providing fresh vegetable and recycle air on the orbital space station. Good luck!

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