What Are The Features Of Satellite Radio?

The best thing about the satellite radio is that you get about seventy channels of music, commercial free. The consumers keep the radio on air not commercials and the range of channels varies from opera to rap, from blues to dance music and much more.

Another great feature of this radio is the absence of static. From East coast to West Coast and all over the US, you will get a clear signal where ever you are.

In addition, if you have just heard a song and you want to know the name of it, simply look at the receiver display. It will tell you the name, the artist, what channel you are listening to, and what program it is.

Satellite radio is completely free from censors. Howard Stern can put a program on air as is, without interference. You can hear music like hip hop without any interruptions.

The radio service provides local weather and traffic conditions. In big cities, there are more detailed forecasts. In addition, if there is a national crisis, unlike regular radio stations that go blank, satellite radio will be able to provide information. You may listen to the radio on your computer.

Most people mistakenly think regular radio is free, but it isn?t. You are forced to listen to sections of annoying commercials in exchange for music. With a satellite radio subscription, of about thirteen dollars, you get a clear reception, you get channels of music you can listen to no matter where you are and you can listen to exactly what you want.

This is perfect for a person who travels throughout the US. You don?t have to worry about static and you don?t have to fiddle around with the radio every time you leave a specific area. Soon XM and Sirrus will provide the same service for Video Channels. Their subscribers would be able to enjoy great quality, a clear reception and commercial and censor free viewing.

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