Wealth Beyond The Dreams Of Avarice: Gold In World Of Warcraft

Is your character in World of Warcraft poor? Do you not have enough WoW gold to make your goals met in a timely fashion? Are you being hindered by character poverty? If so, we have the answer, the WoW Gold Guide.

First, a disclaimer. Lots of sites will claim to teach you how to make thousands of WoW gold in an hour or a day. Nearly all of them are scams, either relying on bugs that were patched by Blizzard up to a year or more ago or relying on client hacks or hacked .dll files.

The first ones are asking for money for an e-book that gives advice that won?t work (and won?t refund your money, either!), while the second one runs the risk of getting your account banned and your characters deleted by Blizzard, which runs a warden client to check for malicious hacks and cheats in the code.

What we?re describing is a legitimate strategy guide that will legally let you accumulate WoW gold in the shortest period possible. These include the comprehensive Level 40 Gold Guide, to let you learn the fastest way possible to get your first mount, solo.

It?s also got the Ultimate Gold Guide, with the best strategies to maximize your gold per hour earning, including advice on professions and how to level them up fast.

If that weren?t enough, the WoW Gold Guide has a Reputation Guide that will show you how to get to exalted status in the fastest and best way possible, including how to get 500-700 reputation points per hour with Cenarion Cycle.

Plus the most extensive class and build guides for World of Warcraft, optimizing talent builds for Player versus Player and Player versus Everyone, or a balanced build for both. It also includes the World of Warcraft itemization Guide, which describes (from reverse engineering) the system that Blizzard uses for balancing items?and where they made mistakes on some items!

All the strategies in this guide are legal – none of them require hacking your client and running the risk of an account ban!

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