We want Family Guy back!

Family Guy is an animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane, which centers on its title character, Peter Griffin and his family. Peter is a bumbling and inept blue-collar worker, who although is well-intentioned, often puts himself and his middle class family in troubling circumstances due to his foolish actions.

Other characters include Lois (wife), Chris (son), Meg (daughter), Stewie (baby), and Brian (talking dog). The cartoon first aired on FOX in 1999, but was later cancelled in 2002 due to poor ratings. However, after receiving positive and significant responses to the sitcom?s release on DVD and its reruns on Cartoon Network?s Adult Swim, FOX revived and resumed production of the show and brought it back to air on its network channel.

On March 26, 2004, Fox officially announced it would produce and broadcast at least 22 more episodes of Family Guy. More recently, Variety reported on September 27, 2005 that 20th Century Fox has committed to produce and air another 22 episodes of Family Guy.

Family Guy remains a very popular animated sitcom, sustained by its brand of humor that often employs brief and frequent nonsensical cutaways with heavy pop culture references, in addition to cutting to random flashbacks to various points in history, geography, and reality.

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