Want Extra Money? Be A Paradise Poker Affiliate!

Let your website work for you

Earn money as a paradise poker affiliate. The current state of affairs in the internet allows people to earn money, part time or full time. There is no end to the creative use of online marketing resources available.

Internet marketers use different marketing strategies to promote their products and services. If you have a website, you can latch on to their promotional gambits and get a slice of the virtual pie. Here is one tip, be a paradise poker affiliate.

You don?t have to be a blue-blooded poker player to be an associate; if you have a website, you can join the roster of affiliates. If you understand the subtleties and the excitement of the game, then it is much better. Go for it. The money is there for the taking.

What is paradise poker?

Paradise Poker is an online gaming room network. Poker players can join as by signing up. They can choose their game from a list of games on the menu. Customer care is excellent and the gaming service unparalleled. Big name players choose to play in paradise poker gaming rooms. They are for the real tourney money waiting for champions.

What is a paradise poker affiliate?

As a paradise poker affiliate, you link your online guests to paradise poker. Once they sign up, you earn commissions. That?s right, hefty commissions.

How does it work?

Your website visitor is directed to paradise poker. If he is a player, he will follow up the lead. The new player registers with a paradise poker room and deposits money in that room. As an affiliate, you receive this registration fee after the player goes through the procedure.

If you really want more of the dollars, sign up sub-affiliates. This is a win-win situation. A percentage of all payments made to the sub-affiliates will be forked over to you. They earn and you earn.

The cake will cut both ways for you. Your products or services earn you income and the revenues from your affiliation with paradise poker will sweeten the pot.

So, how much will you earn?

Aside from new player?s registration, you also get a share of the month revenues of paradise poker. If 1 to 10 new players from your website registers with poker paradise, you get $100, and 11-30 you have $125 and $150 if you have a bunch of 31 plus registrants. The revenue share plan hinges on the number of new players getting to paradise poker through your website.

As a paradise poker affiliate, you get 25% or 30% of the monthly net revenue from players.

Integrity Plus

You have more incentives once your website becomes a paradise poker affiliate. From the sub-affiliates, you get 10% for first referrals and 5% for the second tier. You also have control over the choice of payment plan. The program also offers a tracker that assures you get your due from the players who have paid their membership fees. Sign up now!

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