Wallet: Your Proud Little Possession

In a normal case, wallet means small pocket sized case made of leather, with a couple or more of compartments for convenient holding of paper cash and papers, credit cards, driver?s license and the like. Wallets are very handy to organize several smaller things of everyday importance. Not just that; if you are looking at having some vanity, just go ahead and buy a leather wallet you like. Even though wallet is predominantly connected with men, women are not totally out of wallet fashion; but of course women?s wallets are different in their appearance and they are fit called as hand bags complete with larger size and handles.

A Bit of History
Wallet was an immediate necessity with men as soon as paper currency was introduced in the 17th century. Before that, what are known as pull-string purses were in use which was more than convenient for storing coins (there were no paper cash and business and credit cards to store at all). The first wallets were made of stronger of the leathers, cow leather, with a simple additional compartment for storing coins separately. But it is not completely known whether they looked like the modern wallets or whether they had the folding style like we have today.

Fashionable Wallets
Wallets of the present day are no more just the cash holders of the yester era. A visit to a leather goods shop alone can bowl you over by the variety. They are made mostly from cow and sheep leather even though wallets of unusual materials like fabrics, duct tapes, PU etc are available.

Although men?s wallets are usually in sizes that fit their pockets, the choice of design is in their color, the softness factor and utility. They are available in different shades of black and brown. You can have wallets for storing calling cards, credit cards and paper cash. You can buy one with a strong money clip to hold upto 10-15 bills securely.

Gift a Wallet
Receiving wallets as gifts has never been a disappointing moment. Exquisite colored, initial embossed in gold multi-pouched wallets are accepted with appreciation. You can add value by choosing one with a calendar, or an address book.

Did you know of beeping wallets which go beeping no sooner than you remove credit cards? Beeping goes on for 20 seconds or till you replaced the card and are operate by a microchip and are designed to remind people who forget their cards at ATM and stores.

Additional varieties of wallets are check-book cover, passport wallet and tabbed wallets with pen holder. Beware of pickpockets when keeping personal identity papers or use a money belt when the occasion permits.

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