Using A Drywall Sander

f you plan on doing a drywall job, make sure you have the basic equipment handy. You need putty trial, a tray, sandpaper, joint putty and a scraper.

Start by sanding down the walls to remove any lumps or bumps. Then wipe down the walls to remove any of the sand left from sanding. You should be down to a base and see a clear white area. (This does apply to wood areas of the walls.)

If there are any holes in the walls, use putty trial and a scraper to fill them in. This may take a few coats, so keep repeating the process until the hole is completely filled in . Scrape it down completely smooth.

Then sandpaper the wall once again and wash it down to remove all of the dust. Let it dry completely.

Once you have taken these steps, you are ready for drywalling. The drywall kit will have all of the steps that you need to follow. Make sure you follow them closely.

Once the drywalling is done, paint the surface for the look and finish you want. You will need a few coats since this is bare wall that you are dealing with. Then you can rearrange the furniture and reinstall the curtains and any wall accents in the room

Be careful that the paint is completely dry before you put anything against it. Make sure when you paint the base that you use a shield to prevent any paint going on the wall.

Once your painting is dry, you can add texture or some other feature if you like. New curtains to go with the new paint color are always a good idea, and yo may want to put around some vases with flowers to accent the new color.

Finishes such as twirling, popcorn effect and other textures can add a lot of interest to the room. You can make the twirl texture in the shape of flowers, leaves, etc. Just use your imagination.

The new curtains, or reorganizing the room will do a lot to bring out the new walls in the room. Improvements such as this bring a lot of additional value to your home. A home that has new looking walls instead of cracks and holes will be much more attractive, both to you and to potential home buyers.

It is very cost effective to drywall your wall and paint over a room. For less than a few hundred dollars, you can get a whole new look to a room TA will improve the value of your home.

It is worth the time and effort to put these kind of improvements into your home. If the walls need this kind of work, putting off the job will only make it worse and you will spend more time and money to get it done.

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