Top Five Most Anticipated Albums Of 2007

The Following Are My Five Most Anticipated Albums of 2007.

1. Radiohead ? TBA ? TBA.

Radiohead?s latest album is supposed to come out this year. It is as of now unnamed and there?s no release date. They don?t even have a record label as of now and it?s unknown how their album will be released if it is released. All of this only adds to the excitement. Radiohead hasn?t released a new album in four years (time flies, no?) so there?s been quite a buildup to this new album.

I?ve heard some of the tracks that are supposed to be on the new album in a live recordings found online. I?ve been very happy with what I?ve heard. I have pretty high expectations for this album with the combination of how good Thom Yorke?s ?Eraser? was (one of my top albums of 2006.) and with the high quality of these live recordings.

My desire is that Radiohead does not begin to rest on their laurels and they do not try dumb things down to the lowest common denominator. I hope they come out with their most ambitious and progressive album yet.

2. Air ? Pocket Symphony ? March 6th

I?m a huge fan of Air. I love all of their albums. My favorite being 10,000 Hz Legend because of it?s weirdness and abstractions. But even their more easy listening material (such as the somewhat overrated Moon Safari) is great.

I?ve heard some negative things about this album from folks who have heard advance copies (I haven?t got one myself yet) but I?m still excited to hear it because well, I often find that other people have bland taste (preferring Moon Safari over 10,000 Hz Legend is a great example in my mind.)

3. Wilco ? Sky Blue Sky ? May 15th

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is one of the best albums of this century. A Ghost Is Born is pretty damn good too. Those are two pretty good reasons to be excited about the new Wilco album. Much like Radiohead I?m hoping for more adventure. I?m actually not a huge fan of the 90s Wilco material. I find it a bit bland.

4. Akron/Family ? TBA ? Spring

Akron/Family?s debut self titled album was one of my favorite musical discoveries of recent times. Unfortunately I haven?t been able to get into their 2006 album Meek Warrior at anywhere near the same level. That being said I?m still excited about their new album. I think if nothing else Akron/Family is not a band that?s going to rest. I think they are adventuresome and not afraid to try new things. That makes them a rather exciting force in my book.

5. The Smashing Pumpkins – TBA – Spring 2007

I?m cautiously optimistic that Billy Corgan has something interesting up his sleeve. I was not a big fan of Machina and I thought Zwan wasn?t particularly interesting and The Future Embrace downright awful. All of that being said I think The Pumpkins 90s work stands up very well today and I?m more than willing to give Corgan and the Pumpkins another chance. If nothing else I?m very curious about this album.

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