Top 9 Essentials Shoes

Top Essential Women’s Shoes

Women and shoes are a great combination and we love to have our shoes. Shoes have more of a purpose than just covering our feet. They will cover every different outfit and our many different moods. We might to portray confidence and professionalism. Another time we might want to portray to be fun and flirty. Whatever your attitude is Laura’s Treasures will meet your need. Here is the top list of the basic women shoes.

1. The “Little black dress” of women’s shoes- A low heeled black pump
Here is the first essential for every woman’s wardrobe you can’t go too far without this pair of shoes.

2. New black- A neutral shoe

These neutral shoes are just as essential a the classic black pump. Add a neutral off white pump to your shoe collection.

3. The basic of women shoes- A semi-casual flat

These shoes will update your casual outfit you want to be casual but not dressing down. This loafer will make you be classic with your casual outfit.

4. A trendy black high heel shoe

Here is a classic heel which is great to make your legs look great. A dressy
high heel shoe will go with any professional or party outfit.

5. The outfit styler- A metallic high heeled dress shoe

When you want to look awesome in your dress outfits, sometimes you need
to a little daring. Why don’t you try a metallic dress shoe and you will look

6. Comfort Shoe- Your everyday oxford or loafer shoes

Here is a great shoe that will update your outfit but you still be stylish. It could make you a little preppy. You could be a casual and still have a little style that will never make you out of style.

7. Don’t fortget the Sneaker or athletic shoes

Don’t forget you can become stylish in that great pair of sneakers for that
perfect outfit. Athetic shoes have changed and they are not just for working
out. Having the right shoe with the right arch support is important.

8. The instant style up shoe- Wedge shoe

The new wedge shoe is the must have shoe of the season. It adds style to your outfit. This is the shoe that will make your spring and summer outfits just pop!

9. The must have- Boots

Boots have taken over the shoe market just when years ago no one would wear them if they were cowboy boots. Boots have taken over the market. There is every type of boot to feed every women’s style to taste. You go from short ankle boots to sexy high boots.

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