Tivo Remote Tips & Tricks

To those who have a TiVo in your household are enjoying one of the most innovative products on the market.

However, there are many little tips that can turn your TiVo into a much more efficient mechanism. Plus you can do all of this from your remote control.

The goal of this article is to give you some basic tips to run your TiVo a little better from your remote control.

To Check the Time: Press Select, Play, Select, 9, Select

To Have the Progress Bar fade away faster: Select, Play, Select, Pause, Select

There are also some navigation shortcuts I would like to share with you. These will allow to move around more quickly.
From the TiVo Central Screen you can do the following

0 = Show the TiVo cartoon introduction

1 = Season Pass Manager

2 = To Do List

3 = Search Using Wishlists

4 = Search By Title

5 = Browse By Channel

6 = Browse By Time

7 = Record Time/Channel

8 = TiVo’s Suggestions

9 = Showcases

TiVo = Now Playing

The 30 Second Skip: The advance button that normally brings you to the end of a recorded programs will become the “30 Second Skip Button. While viewing a recorded programs or live television enter the following; Select, Play, Select, 3, 0, Select.

You will know that your TiVo has updated if you hear three “Thumbs Up” chimes in a row. You should be aware that if your TiVo has to reboot for any reason, you will have to perform this task over again as it is not permanent.

Sorting your “Now Playing” List. (You will need to be on the TiVo Central Screen)

S = Slow Play Button

0 = Zero Button

R = Record Button

T = Thumbs Up button

If this is successful, you will hear again the three “Thumbs Up” chimes. You can then press Enter and see the following;

1 = Newest

2 = Display the list ordered by expiration date (oldest will be first)

3 = Display the list alphabetically

Press 1, 2, or 3 to try out a sorting order. When you press enter, you will make that selection permanent

Change Your TiVo Banner

When you’re watching live television, you can press the RIGHT ARROW button to move through the different TiVO banners.

I hope these tips have been a benefit to you!

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