Tips In Finding The Best Digital Camera

There are many factors to consider when searching for the best digital camera for you. Ultimately it depends on what you intend to do with the camera and of course cost will [play an important role in your decision making. You will also want to consider the following: options and features, resolution, level of control, and size and weight. Let?s take a look at each of these factors one by one.

Size and Weight

The ideal size and weight will vary from person to person. The simplest camera are the lightest and are the best choice for beginners. They have simple point and shoot technology. The less features in a camera, usually the lighter it becomes. So these simple to use cameras are lightweight and can fir in a pocket or purse. On the other end of the scale is the more complex SLR digital camera for the serious photographer. These cameras can weight up to a pound and come with many options and accessories.


The resolution is related to the detail of the image for printing quality. The higher the resolution, the greater the detail in the picture. The best resolution for printing standard photos is 5-6 mega pixels. If you need to print oversized pictures that require higher detail, you should choose a higher resolution camera.

Level of Control

To find the best digital camera for you, you should decide on the level of control you want in the picture taking process. Digital cameras range from simple point and click where the camera has total control over taking the picture, all the way to cameras which allow you to control the settings such as speed, aperture, and focus.

Options and Features

Additionally, in determining the best digital camera for you, consider the extra options and features available such as: ability to add audio to your images, burst shooting for fast action shots, video capability, macro capability for close up photography, panoramic stitching which connects a series of pictures for panoramic shots, and weather proof casing.

So in choosing the best digital camera for you, it is important to first determine what you will be using the camera for and if you want a simple point and click camera, or a manual camera for creating professional quality photographs.

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