Tips For Tivo Repair

Fixing a TiVo or any other piece of electrical equipment is not that easy these days. Go to just about any electronics shop, and chances are you are not going to find people that are up to date on the latest TiVo repairs or even TiVo Upgrades.

To further frustrate you and unfortunately the best place to go to is the TiVo 800 number. You’re going to find that the system, and sometimes even the operators try to push you as much as possible to the website, where they promise “many of your questions will be answered.”

Now to be perfectly fair, my TiVo rarely breaks down and I know this is one of the ways that the company is able to keep their prices so low. So in that regard repairing your TiVo is not that big a price to pay, all things considered. You just have to have a little patience.

I cannot say that I am a big fan of the TiVo repair website, They have plenty of pull-down menus and some general “frequently asked questions.” Yet all of these seem to point to the fact that everything can be solved by simply using the TiVo remote in one way or another.

After trying all this for a while, I know that eventually you will become frustrated and feel that you need to talk to an actual live person. Unfortunately, there were about as useful as the aforementioned website.

My best recommendation to you should you need TiVo repair, is to try to find something online. I was able to find some help. But in the meantime, my best advice for you is to go to online forums for TiVo repair and submit questions.

Here are some of the forums you can try:

AVS Forum – contains discussions on HDTV equipment,

TiVo Community- a large forum dedicated to the TiVo community

The TiVo AVS Forums – The central hub of all TiVo thoughts – A comprehensive site for TiVo

The Hinsdale How-To – A detailed how-to on modifying your TiVo

tivoftpd – FTP utility for your TiVo

tivoweb – web based control of your TiVoTystudio – video extraction utility for your TiVo

All in all, these sites and forums should not only serve you well for TiVo repair, but also for any other TiVo issues you might have.

I sincerely hope you have found this article informative. Like I mentioned before, my TiVo rarely breaks down. So I hope you don’t have too many problems with yours. If you would like to know more please visit,

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