Tips For A Perfect Result Of Batik Fabric Quilting

Originally from Indonesia, most of the Batik material which is currently available is made in Bali. Batik is preceded by canting, which was in use by women in Java in Indonesia. It is a form of art which uses dyeing as its base. Making of Batik, though simple, can give very attractive results. Interestingly, this form of art was and still practiced by women.

Special copper caps are used to cover the cloth with wax on which batik is to be done. This cloth carries very intricate designs. Once covered with wax, this piece of cloth is dipped in dye or sometimes painted, as per design requirement. Then it is ensured that the dye has reached where it has to. Then the wax is removed by boiling the cloth several times. The outcome is a piece of gorgeous batik work.

You Want Perfect Results ? Check Out These Tips

When you wish to use the batik fabric for quilting, always make sure that the cloth is pre-washed. This increases its absorption capacity and thus captures the dye better.

Use very thin material as the batik fabric. This makes handling easier, as well as the designs come out better.

You can get stunning results if you alternate the batik fabric with other fabrics which has different colors and textures. This guarantees that the batik fabric will outshine the other fabrics.

When used for quilting, always keep the batik fabric on top. Since this type of fabric is not very elastic, if you use it elsewhere, the overall look may be slightly awry and the fabric may tear.

Never use the batik fabric on the side which touches your skin, when using it on a quilt. The batik fabric is not known to be gentle to the skin. Batik fabrics cost the same as other fabrics and makes excellent material for quilts. With comparable costs, batik fabric can give your quilts a stunning appearance.

You must buy as many color combinations as you can visualize when using batik fabric for quilts. This is always beneficial, if you are in a hurry to make the quilt. This fabric instantly glamorizes your quilt and brightens it up.

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