Thrifty Craft Supplies Makes The Difference

Anyone of us could walk into the craft store and spend a fortune on supplies. Personally, I have enough fabric and patterns to make clothes for my family for a year, but I still go back for something new! When making craft projects like scrapbooks or pictures, I like to look around the house to see what craft supplies I can find.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on craft supplies to make stunning works of art. You can find wonderful supplies in common places. For instance, look outside. You can find stones, sand, shells, sticks, dried leaves, and dried flowers. All of these can be used to create beautiful projects. Leaves and the right colors of paint can make creative pictures or stamps to use on your walls. Take a look around the house as well. You can find pictures, quotes, and other decorative patterns in magazines, cards, and even junk mail. Thumb through them before you throw them away. Cut out anything you like and keep it in a file.

You can save other items around your house to use as craft supplies. Save cans, glass jars, paper towel tubes, and shoe boxes. These items can come in handy, especially if you have school age children that need craft supplies for school.

If you want to create a special photo or scrapbook from a vacation, collect your craft supplies along the way. Collect brochures and take lots of pictures along the way. I created a decorative matte for a family photo at Disney World from the brochures, free gifts (a small keychain with the ring removed), and our room keys. Don’t discard items like plane tickets, movie or amusement park tickets, or room keys. They can add a personal touch and a great reminder to any photo. Seeing the plane ticket stubs again may remind you of something that happened during the flight that you may other wise have forgotten.

When you are shopping for craft supplies, you should try looking online or at the dollar store. You never know where you are going to find great supplies. You can also buy supplies at wholesale, or in large quantities if you know that you are going to use the supplies. It is not a bargain if you are not going to use it all! Ask your local art supply, craft store, or child?s school for left over materials that would otherwise be thrown out. Sometimes you can get left over paint, remnants, or other materials at a discount ? or free!

There are also some inexpensive craft supplies you can keep on hand if you or your children decide to do an impromptu project. Keep simple materials like white and colored paper, colorful felt pieces, craft paint in primary colors, crayons, white glue, scissors, and paint brushes. Your kids will love using piper cleaners and googly eyes, too.

In the end, what supplies you need or use will depend on your project and your taste. No matter what you need, follow these suggestions to find great craft supplies without spending a fortune!

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