Three Simple Coin Tricks

Here are three simple coin tricks to add to your collection of magic. They don’t take long to learn, they don’t need many special props and with a bit of practice they can amuse and delight people wherever you go.

Coin Trick 1: Money Making Magic

Your hands are empty and there are three coins on the table. You sweep the coins off the edge of the table and into your hand. When you open your hand, there are five coins instead of three.

The Secret: Before you begin, stick two coins to the underside of the table at the edge where you plan to do the trick. When you sweep the coins off the table with your right hand, detach the other two coins with your left hand. When you open your left hand, the three coins will have magically increased to five.

Coin Trick 2: The Teleporting Coin

A coin mysteriously travels from one hand to the other. Start with your palms face up on the table and a coin in the palm of each hand. Flip both hands over and when you remove one hand there’s nothing under it. When you remove your other hand, both coins are safely hidden under it.

The Secret: Place one coin in the palm of your left hand and another coin at the base of your fingers towards the right hand side of your right hand. Due to the positioning of the coins, when you flip your hands over the left coin will end up under your left hand, while the right coin will be pushed towards your left hand.

The trick should work automatically. If you flip your hands using enough speed, your audience won’t be able to see what happens.

Practice flipping your hands until you can get the trick right every time. The hand that fires the coin across should flip slightly before your other hand. It’s also important to make sure that the coins don’t collide and make a noise, which will reveal the secret of this trick.

Coin Trick 3: Mind Reading Money

When you leave the room or turn your back, someone from the audience hides a coin under a cup that’s placed in the center of the table. When you return to the room, you can guess the type of coin that has been hidden.

The Secret: Once a member of the audience has placed a coin in the middle of the table, your secret assistant places the cup over the coin. They use the handle of the cup to secretly inform you the value of the coin under it.

All you have to do is agree on a secret code. Each different handle position relates to a different value of coin. Just make sure that both of you are perfectly clear on the secret code that you’re using and can remember it without having to think about it.

The other advantage of this trick is that you can perform it anywhere in the world regardless of the currency.

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