Thinking And Imagining In Technicolor

Are your thoughts a dull and lifeless grey? Or a glorious, vivid and lively technicolor? Are they one-dimensional or like a hologram and fully formed in 3D? Are they tired and dull or vivid and full of life and hope? The difference is what separates the genius from the rest. If they are not you can train your mind and put it on the road to success. Because this kind of “imaging” in the mind and the will to make what you think a reality is a guarantee of success.

How does this kind of thinking or ideating ensure success? The answer lies in making perfection happen in the idealized world of the mind. Once you bring thought to life in your mind, you’ve gone into the realms of reality, eliminating any mistakes. For example, if you were to think of making a robot that would anticipate your every need and do everything you ever wanted, you are still in a wishful thinking stage. But if you were to build up the image of such a robot in your mind and put it together as if it were in the realms of your thought processes, you would pay careful attention to every detail. You would ferret out every which way you could to make it viable. You would play the devil’s advocate and make sure all doubts and grey areas were eliminated. You would, in your mind, build perfection. When you decide to make this a reality in the real world, it would only be a matter of putting what already exists into practice. It would mean translating your vivid image idea into flesh and blood or metal or whatever as the case may be.

Does this sound too esoteric? Too good to be true? But that’s the way the genius’s mind has functioned from the beginning of time. Putting life into the images in your head means you’ve raised your level of consciousness to another level. No great invention in history could have been possible without this kind of imaging. It raises the human mind beyond its humdrum existence to a world beyond probabilities?to a world of infinite possibilities. It is to enter into a world without barriers, without limits. The only limitation is your own imagination. So sing “Don’t fence me in” to your mind today and you’ll find you soar somewhere over the rainbow where there are even more colors than you could ever dream of!

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