Think You Are An Artist? (You Probably Are)

Most people I know have at least one of the necessary qualities of being an artist, so the chances are strong that you too are an artist. Sound unbelievable? Have you always secretly wanted to be considered an artist but are convinced that you just don’t have what it takes?

The most obvious connection that people make to being an artist is the need to be creative. I agree. Anyone who is a true artist must be creative. Sound scary? Keep reading. The great thing, the thing that most people don’t take the time to think about, is that being creative can mean a whole lot of things. Most people think of an artist as someone who is able to paint a scene on a canvas or illustrate a children’s book. Some artists may be able to do those things, but many more will not. To me, an artist is someone that simply creates new things. Creating new things could mean making something like a piece of pottery or it could mean thinking of a new way to organize a full room in your home.

An artist must be somone who appreciates the detailed things in life. Perhaps you hesitate because you are not a detail oriented person at all, but relax. Being an artist can simply mean noticing the things around you like colors, smells or unique textures. An artist notices everything around them. They are constantly stimulated by visual things around them. An artist not only sees details but they appreciate the beauty around them whether it is the beauty of a newly designed building or the beauty of a leaf as it falls to the ground during autumn.

Still not convinced you are an artist? Look around your home or office. If you have taken the time to decorate your surroundings you are probably an artist. Yes, that’s right, you are an artist simply if you decorate and add beauty to the things around you. Do not let yourself get caught up in all of the stigmas or conceptions you have of a true artist. Consider the things you enjoy spending time doing. If you have filled your free time with non-creative things, consider making some time in your schedule for simple things like making a card for a friend or rearranging a room in your house. Once you start looking for ways to be creative I’m convinced that you will never run out.

The question should not really be if you are an artist or not. The more appropriate question to ask is what kind of artist you really are.

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