The Uniqueness Of Pandora Jewelry Taken Out From The Box

When we hear the name Pandora, automatically our mind races to the Greek mythology, where it is said that a woman bearing that name and created of God Hefaitos opened a box that she was not supposed to only to let out all the evil feelings we have and feel today.

Horrified at what she saw Pandora rushed to close the box, only to have trapped the one thing we need the most: hope. Hope is what the house of Pandora jewelry boasts to inspire and give to every person acquiring and wearing it.

Most of the Pandora jewelry is hand crafted with sterling silver and 14K gold but, that is not what is unique about it; the jewelry made at Pandora House combines different colored beads and gemstones to make unique pieces of bracelets held together on an elastic string that allows any size hand to wear it with ease.

There are more then 600 types of beads to choose from and they are made from precious stones, Murano glass and precious metal. Pandora jewelry is famous for their bracelets but that is not the only type of jewelry they make, you can also find matching necklaces, earrings, and rings and best of all you can custom make any jewelry to suit and fit your style and personality.

Where to Shop For Pandora Jewelry

Pandora jewelry is created in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen but, since 2002 they have established a steady market in the US and thus, can be found in various locations around the country. In order to find a store near you log on to their website and enter your zip code number to be directed to the closed location.

You cannot shop online for Pandora jewelry and it is suggested you demand certificate of authenticity and guarantee on purchase of any of their jewelry, as the company releases one for every single piece. It is also suggested to try and purchase your Pandora jewelry from the stores that the company recommends and authorizes as their dealer in order to ensure authenticity.

Pandora jewelry offers hope through their designs for a brighter and more colorful tomorrow that is created individually to match and suit every one of us, as we desire. Log on their website today and check the catalogue for the latest trends and styles to get inspired and revive your hope for tomorrow.

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