The Timeless Beauty Of Crystal Glass

Colorless and high-quality, crystal glass graces the shelves of many homes, its unique and delicate lines lending it to many different uses ? both functional and decorative. Crystal glass derives from rock crystal and is distinguishable by hand or machine cut facets; but the average person on the street can quickly recognize crystal glass by its superior ?sparkle power.? It?s no wonder that crystal glass has enjoyed such popularity throughout the centuries.

Crystal glass can be distinguished from traditional glassware by its lead content and weight. Experts define crystal glass by the percentage of lead it contains. Industry standards offer a guideline pertaining to crystal lead content; those pieces that contain thirty-percent or more of lead are considered to be full lead crystal; a piece that contains less than twenty-four percent lead is considered crystal glass; any lead content in between is referred to as lead crystal.

The lead content – while making crystal glass a heavier, sturdier weight – also makes the material softer than traditional glass. Subsequently, crystal glass is soft enough to cut into varying angles and patterns.

Locating the crystal glass that?s just right for your home or perfect for a gift can be a simple and enjoyable process. High-end department stores offer a variety of crystal glass ? in all shapes, colors, and styles ? in their home goods department. You can shop in the store or even online where you can have your purchased shipped straight to your door.

Crystal glass of any variety makes a wonderful gift ? from the functional pieces such as stemware, barware, serving bowls and platters to the more decorative items such as vases, crystal picture frames, and lamp bases. There are hundreds of ways in which to use crystal glass to decorate your home, add sophistication and elegance to a simple get-together, or brighten someone?s day with a lovely gift.

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