The Star-Bright Future Of XM Radio

XM Radio has the potential to be one of the biggest innovations in the broadcasting world. It provides crystal-clear digital sound around the globe without commercials or unwanted pauses. It offers a vast array of listening options, from every type of music genre to every type of sports coverage and news programming. It’s little wonder the satellite radio service is number one in the United States with over two million satisfied customers.

The numbers are remarkable. Those two million listeners get the pleasure of choosing from 68 commercial-free music channels. These channels include any genre from country, rap, hip hop, metal, bluegrass, reggae, rockabilly, to classical. On top of these, 33 channels are available for the latest information in news and sports, along with the leading talk shows and entertainment programs. Even more impressive are the 21 channels that provide continuous and immediate weather and traffic for the major metropolitan areas in the country.

XM Radio is not just produced on its airwaves, though. There are its award-winning receivers and reception devices that you need to secure the satellite radio signals. But there’s no need to be worried that you’re going to have to go out and replace your home stereo equipment. You can effortlessly add satellite radio service to your existing audio and home theater system.

Or you can purchase the latest new XM Radio equipment. This equipment is some of the smallest and lightest satellite receivers and antennae in the field, so it is a sound investment no matter what. Your XM equipment allows you to listen to regular AM and FM radio terrestrial broadcasts if you wish, as well as your CDs and cassettes.

Other features included in the receivers are a display and memory so that the device shows the channel name, artist name, and song title for every song you listen to. No more reliance on a DJ to tell you what you are listening to. For you auto-based audiophiles, the satellite radio service is available in more than 100 new cars in the 2006 models. You can pick up the Delphi XM Roady 2, the Delphi XM Roady, or the XMCommander for your listening pleasure in your car.

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