The Secret To Cleaning Your Metal Detecting Finds

In general, larger searchcoils will give better depth with larger targets and better ground coverage. However, sensitivity to smaller objects may be sacrificed. Smaller searchcoils will offer greater sensitivity to smaller objects and improved target separation in trashy soil. There are certain features needed for certain places the device is going to be used for. If you intend to use it on the beach, the terrain wont be that rigorous. But you are going to need waterproof protection.

A recent study proves that hand-held metal detectors are just as accurate as x-rays in finding coins and other metallic objects swallowed by children. They are cheaper and radiation-free, are usually lightweight, highly sensitive and require little maintenance. The special shape of the sensitive surface makes operation of the device easy, unlike portable metal detectors with ring transducers.

In 1881, Alexander Graham Bell constructed one of the world?s first metal detectors in an attempt to find an assassin’s bullet in President James Garfield. Fischer patented a portable version in 1931.

The Secret to Cleaning Your Metal Detecting Finds

Metal detecting is considered to be one of today’s most sought-after hobbies. In fact, nearly 80% of people who are into treasure hunting love metal detecting as well. Many people have tried metal detecting, but only those who know what it takes to become successful in metal detecting accomplish something. People who persevere the most tend to find more treasures than any other person does, even if they have been doing metal detecting for many years.

This goes to show that metal detecting is not just any “finder’s keepers, losers weepers” game. The valuables that people find are not appraised just because they are rare. Most importantly, their values depend on the perseverance people use when finding metals.

However, metal detecting is not just plain what you see is what you get activity. Since most of the treasures are buried beneath the earth, you can expect layers upon layers of sand, mud, or dirt on the items. Now, the question is: Is it safe to clean these items?

There are some manufacturers of cleaning solutions that suggest you clean your items. However, if your metal detector finds include coins of high value, it is best not to clean them.

Metal detectors work on the principal of electromagnetics and their effects on conductive metals. There are actually two separate elements in the coil of a typical unit. One is a high-powered coil of metal which uses the battery power to generate a penetrating magnetic field.

Will smaller children be using this detector? If this is to be a family detector then it is critical that you consider the size of the detector including how short the pole can be. Any place there is construction and the ground is being cleared, that is a great place to start treasure hunting. Successfull treasure hunting starts with having the right metal detector. But which type of metal detector should you get? Complete info on metal detectors and treasure hunting at

In older parks check in front of bandstands or areas where people would sit, to listen to bands playing in the summer. Another good place is baseball diamonds. Check the infield and the area where the players would wait to play. Also look in the area that the families and fans would watch the game from. As with other electronic equipments, innovations seems to always happen overnight. If you are going to buy a metal detector today, try to know that technologies are currently employed. You do not want to be behind the technology line, right?

Metal detectors using PI (Pulse Induction) technology often makes use of a single coil or even a series of coils that works as a receiver and the transmitter. The short bursts of electricity are allowed to pass through a coil or wire which causes magnetism. This means that coins classified as “key collector’s items” should never be cleaned. This is to preserve the mint mark and the date on the coins.

If you have found non-key collector’s items, or those with the typical “face values,” you can clean them using mild solution. However, the cleaning process will depend on the kind of coin you have found. For example, copper and nickel can both be cleaned with the same process. Other coins are cleaned using a different cleaning process and techniques.

Here are also some tips on eliminating stains on your coins. You can try using the salt and vinegar solution. This will remove stubborn stains or those that were not removed with the usual cleaning solution. The key here is to evaluate, analyze, and appraise your metal detector finds before you start cleaning them. This way you will be able to detect if a certain item is more valuable when preserved and kept the way you have found it, or if it has to undergo a special cleaning process to make it more appealing and presentable.

Indeed, cleaning metal detecting finds may or may not be advantageous, depending on the kind of items that you have. So to ensure quality, always evaluate your items first. There are many different types of metal detectors, some are more complicated then others. Find out how you can go treasure hunting today!

Hand-held Metal Detectors are designed to safeguard security-sensitive areas like schools, courtrooms, corrections facilities, sports events, businesses, nightclubs, bars and other public areas and events. They are used along with walk-through metal detectors. It is responsible for receiving frequencies that bounce back from the object that the coil detects. This type of detector is best for identifying different types of metals.

It does, however, have its own downsides. Some say that the knobs of the Pro XL are quite loose and when adjusting it, you have to be careful not to hit it with your arms. It is quite sensitive and bumping it may require you to start or reset the adjustments. Some users put a rubber band around the knobs to keep them from moving or becoming loose. Most metal detector companies also offer supplementary services like designing, material sourcing, prototyping, short run manufacturing, upgrading or re-designing, assembly services and specialty packaging.

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