The Real Facts About Australian Merino Wool

With only New Zealand as a true contender for the title of the finest merino wool in the world, Australia is proud of its merino wool heritage. For more than two hundred years, Australia has been the leading producer of the finest merino wool that can be purchased.

The Four Main Grades of Australian Merino Wool

The finest garments and products are made with the highest grades of merino wool. There are four distinctive types of merino wool and they are strong, medium, fine and superfine. Each of the sheep that are known to grow these disparate grades of merino wool are bred in order to suit a particular climatic set of circumstances.

? Fine and superfine merinos are found in the tablelands of the north and southern regions of New South Wales. Super fine merino wool creates excellent wool of brilliant colors as well as softness that can?t be beat.

? Medium merino wool giving sheep can be found in Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. These merino wool sheep are raised for their wool first and their meat second.

? Strong merino wool are found most often in South and Western Australia and often in the western region of New South Wales. This sheep produces merino wool that is heavy with thick staple lengths and wide diameter fibers.

A Variety of Merino Sheep

Since the first merino sheep arrived in Australia in the end of the 19th century, sheep farmers have been trying to perfect the very creatures that grow such a valuable fiber upon their bodies. There are many sub-species of the sheep that provide us with the merino wool we love to wear so well.

1. Poll Merino- this is a comparatively new addition to the breed of merino sheep. He is bred for the ease of handling and lack of horns on the rams.

2. The Fonthill Merino- this breed of sheep was created by crossing an American bred merino to a Saxon strain that is known for its fine wool.

3. The Boorla Merino- this strain of merino wool sheep has a long breeding season and is extremely fertile.

The Fabric You Most Want to Own

No matter what type of merino wool sheep your woolen products come from, you can be sure that you are buying the most absorbent, comfortable fabric that can be put next to your skin. You will not experience any irritation or discomfort when your merino wool products are of the fine and super fine grades of wool. Remember, there is nothing more natural than fabric made from living and breathing creatures. Don?t you want to have authentic Australian merino wool next to your skin?

Merino wool can be not only a part of your apparel; it can be part of your home furnishings to make a cozy place even warmer. You can choose from such merino wool products as blankets, throw pillows, bedding, carpeting and a host of other high quality products that will make your house more of a home.

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