The Positioning The Home Theater Speakers

After the drag of buying a perfect home theater equipment is over, you can consider another important issue, so as to obtain the maximum from your newly acquired gadgets: how to position the speakers, because this is the main ingredient of a private realistic cinema. There is no specific location, marked with a big red cross, since your room might be rectangular, or round, your speakers may be five or nine etc. and your personal touch to the design of the room meant to become a home theater highlight preferences, and it counts whether you have children or not, pets and so on. However, you do have general essential guidelines to follow when choosing a most favourable placement of your home theater speakers.

The first thing when engaging in the positioning of the home theater speakers is deciding the place for the center channel speaker and of the television, because the center speaker is the major transmitter of the dialogue and sounds that occur during the movie, and behaves like an anchor of your TV set. Consequently, it must be placed on the top of the television or below it, and in case you are mounting it on the wall, it should be lined with the TV below, with its front edge to be more exact. This way you get the minimum of distortion of sound that is caused by sound reflecting and diffracting phenomena.

The second thing you need to consider about your home theater system is the placement of the left and right front speakers, because they mainly give the superb surround sound experience and enables you to actually hear the soundtrack of the movie to way it?s suppose to be heard: their positioning should be in the form of a small arc, lined up with the central speaker and at even distance one from another, ear-orientated. The precise measuring of the distance can help a great deal because an inch or two beyond the limit of your requirements can affect the correct output.

Surround speakers come in next, since they allow your home theater speaker placement to render the atmospheric sounds, the bangs and crashes of the movie you are watching. This is where your imagination comes in and there is no limit to how you should have an ideal home theater speaker placement, besides the fact that the surround speakers should obviously surround your perimeter. For more info see on Home Theater Wiring.

However, these speakers should be lined up with your seating area or slightly behind it, as high or as low that they do not play directly at your ears, during your viewing a movie, but still, maintain them at ear level, measured up when you are standing, to be optimal when you are seated: try them out and see how you can get the best possible sound.

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