The Police Tickets – 20th Century Legends Return To The Stage

If you attended any concerts in the 1980?s, chances are you had a chance to secure The Police tickets. The Police was a band that was simply iconic during that time period, and some of their singles and albums were among the best-selling releases of all time. After many years of engaging in individual efforts, this legendary band is getting back together for another upcoming tour, exciting millions of long-time fans everywhere. A look at their history will help to explain how they achieved a status that few acts have ever experienced.

The Beginning

The band began to come together in 1977, when drummer Stewart Copeland left his former band and joined with Sting to begin to work on some songs. Each of them shared a heavy influence from the world of reggae, and that shared vision led to many of the tones and beats in their upcoming tracks.

After bouncing around for a few years, the band ultimately began to gain acclaim by touring Australia, which was the first country in which they gained a loyal following. Their live shows were widely-attended, and for the first time, The Police tickets were in demand. Their first album release, Outlandos d’Amour, was released in 1978 under a very tight budget and much struggle, but the release ultimately hit several charts and gained some fame for the band.

The following year, the band released Reggatta de Blanc, and this release was even more successful than their initial cut, as the band had the backing of a big-time record label at this point and enjoyed the fruits of a much more highly-budgeted publicity campaign. Their third release, Zenyatta Mondatta, which came out in 1980, and it was another success. Another album, Ghost in the Machine, released in 1981, climbed to the top of the charts in 1981, and all of this success set the stage for their next album, which ultimately cemented The Police as legends.


In 1983, the band released an album that would go a long way towards defining the music of that time period. Synchronicity was an album that shot to the top of the charts in several countries around the world, contained several singles that rose to the top of the charts, and made the band a household name in nearly every home that had a radio.

The band staged a worldwide tour in furtherance of this album, but after it competed in 1984, the band members slowly-but-surely began to move in separate directions. Although they never ?officially? broke up, they never recorded another full-length studio album.

Results of Success

The band got together every now and then for a few benefit concerts, as Sting was and is extremely active with several causes, and ultimately, The Police were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, and several documentaries were produced that traced the steps of the band towards their ultimate stardom and fame.

In 2007, The Police will be getting together one more time for another tour. This tour is being met with a high degree of anticipation, and the mere fact that The Police tickets are available once again is sure to fill stadiums around the world.

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