The “OOP” Factor In Collectible Items

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of “OOP” in an auction or advertisement for a movie?

Almost everyone is aware that books go out of print (OOP) and become desirable as collector’s items, but few of us ever stop to consider that the same is also true for movies in VHS and DVD format.

Collectors are very familiar with OOP, and frequently use this term to advertise their products. They realize that space in the title bars of products is usually limited to 30-60 characters, so they use the “OOP” abbreviation to save space.

The OOP expression is often used in conjunction with a date and the word “cover.” Collectively, these terms mean the product and the package artwork are no longer being produced.

When distributors sell out their stock of a particular item they become difficult to find. Hard-core collectors and sellers usually know where to find items, but it’s more difficult for the average collector. Brand new and factory sealed OOP movies can quickly become highly prized collectibles, just as OOP books and music.

Lately, there has been a real boon in auctions and e-stores offering OOP titles. Items are usually listed in the seller’s inventory or are available through some indirect source.

As a word of caution, most collectors have learned to pay close attention to an items catalog number. This important piece of information is the number listed on the items cover, jacket or box. The catalog number is an easy way for collector’s to identify the studio’s authenticity, proving that the item is genuine and in fact is out of print. This is especially important where foreign items are offered because some versions are not OOP at all and these are intended to fool the average collector.

Some collectors who bid at auctions are not collecting for financial gain, but just want an item for the pure enjoyment of owning the item itself. They can curl-up with their favorite book or watch their favorite movie knowing the experience with their OOP item will be a truly unique experience.

Whatever your reasons for purchasing OOP items, you can rest assured that sellers will include all the information you need for making an informed and wise decision when you do decide to buy.

Whatever your motivation when making a purchase, be it as an investment or just for the pure enjoyment of watching one of your favorite movies, you are sure to find collecting of OOP movies both interesting and rewarding.

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