The Omega Watch – Timeless Style For Generations

Finding that special watch ? the one that matches your style and your needs equally ? can be challenging to say the least. With so many watch designs on the market today, it?s hard to know where to begin to find the style that?s right for you. The Omega watch, a design that?s maintained its popularity and appeal for generations, continues to be one of the more chosen watches on the market.

Founded in Switzerland in 1885, the Omega watch company was the brainchild of Louis Brandt who believed in a pioneering spirit, quality materials, and creative design. Its stunning timepieces were the showpieces of fine European gentlemen. In 1900, the first Omega watch for wrist wear was unveiled – its premier also being recognized as one of the first time wristwatches were introduced to the world.

As the company grew, the Omega watch was universally recognized as a high-quality timepiece that boasted dependability, resilience, and stellar materials. It’s no wonder that by 1916 the Omega watch began being designed for military use. Its reputation for precision even helped elevate the Omega watch to one of the highest responsibilities in a timekeeping role – the Olympic Games; a position it held for an extended period of time. But perhaps the biggest accomplishment of all was the trip the Omega watch took with famed astronaut, Neil Armstrong in 1969. This was following a four-year relationship that had already been established with NASA.

Today, the Omega watch continues to be extremely popular in both sporting and military functions, as well as in an every day capacity for consumers. Its functionality combined with its sleek, high quality design allows form to meet function and has secured the place of the Omega watch in history.

Finding an Omega watch is as simple as visiting your local, high-end jeweler. While somewhat pricey, the Omega watch is considered an investment and the quality of its workmanship will make it a permanent fixture on your wrist for years to come.

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