The New Zune Mp3 Player Is It Overpriced?

If you are interested in the new Microsoft Zune you are not alone. There was great anticipation building up to the November 14, 2006 release date of this new mp3 player. The fact of the matter is that before the Zune hit shelves the Apple iPod had virtually no competition. Sure, there are a few other options out there, but nothing that could really compete on a level playing field with the iPod. It appears that Microsoft has hit the nail on the head with the new Zune, and that a large audience is going to make this unit catapult to the top of the industry.

For people interested in the Zune, supplies are going to be quite limited at first. There is a good chance that if you head to one of the more popular retail outlets right after the release that the Zune is going to be sold out. In addition to its greatly anticipated arrival, the Zune also has a lot to offer as far as price is concerned. In fact, Zune prices are among the best in the industry and this will surely help out sales early on until discounts come into play. When Microsoft was pricing the Zune it is obvious that they had the Apple iPod clear in their sites.

Zune prices come in at just below $250. The bottom line is that the price of the Zune is identical to that of the standard size Apple iPod. If Microsoft really wanted to do themselves a favor they could have priced the Zune much lower than the iPod. But with that being said they probably feel that the Zune will not have any problems competing head to head with the iPod thanks to all of the features and top notch benefits.

The only real disadvantage of Zune prices is that some competitors offer other units at a cheaper price. For example, if you do not want to buy a full size Zune or iPod you can opt for the smaller iPod Nano. Of course you will have to give up a bit in benefits when you buy the smaller unit, but at the same time you will be able to save over $100. Until the Zune can compete on this playing field they may lose some business out to the smaller, lower priced options.

The Zune prices are very competitive as far as mp3 players are concerned. In today?s day and age of advanced technology Microsoft did a great job keeping the price down, while still being able to offer a great product. At this point in time Zune prices are holding steady, and it appears that the market is satisfied with what they are getting.

Zune prices are the same as its biggest competitor, and this will definitely make the buying process difficult for any consumer who is interested in an mp3 player. Only time will tell if Microsoft priced the Zune correctly. But early indications are showing that they are right on point!

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