The Lost Art Of Hand Candle Crafting

I am from Missouri. The state suprises me the more I explore her. Tonight I am staying in a hotel in Branson, Missouri. Many of you are probably familiar with the city, I am not. Evidentally I was here at the age of 5,… but to be honest, if I can remember something that happened 10 years ago, I am doing pretty good… let alone 27 years ago!

Anyway, enough rambling about my memory condition.

Many folks have visited Silver Dollar City. For those of you that don’t know, SDC is a theme park modeled after the way of life in the hills of the Ozarks. The visitor will witness many craftsmen / craftswomen, one of these are the old-tyme (purposely mispelled) chandlers.

You may see an old man with a long white beard dipping wickes in a vat of wax heated by a fire. To someone who has been making candles for several years, this was an incredible sight. Obviously to the average candle burner, not to great of a spectacle unless that casual candle user has not idea how candles are made… in large factories in China.

Seriously though,… a lot of work goes into hand made candles. Of course many candle companies are born out of a basements, garages, spare rooms, and kitchens. Back in the olde (purposely mispelled) days, convieniences were a rarity. Candle distributers where unheard of, and they definately couldn’t import candles made in foreign countries buy the container full!

The wax was heated over fire… someone manually dipped the wicks. A lot of work, compared to today’s standards, went into making a candle!

Ok… by now you are asking me to get to the point. Next time you purchase a candle or candles (soy or paraffin), do you local chandler a favor and try a truly handmade / hand-dipped candle and check out the difference. Not only the way it looks, but the way it burns, how long it burns, and how it smells. You might be suprised, and you may change your preference in candle purchasing. The subtle differences in the wax alone will amaze you!

Your local chandler puts a lot of time, effort, and love into the candles they hand make. They take pride in their product. They are forced to produce a super high quality product to stay competitive in the marketplace. Sure, they may cost a little more, but as they say in the hills of the ozarks, “Ya pay fer what ya git!”

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