The Inside Track On Tony Hawk’s Project 8

Tony Hawk is back with all new skating game reengineered for the Xbox 360. It is the ultimate Tony Hawk game and offers more missions, goals, secret areas and mini games then the previous Tony Hawk?s title. You can face off again the world?s top pro skaters and build your career from unranked to the world?s top skater and establish your hometown as a skating destination. Like American Wasteland it has a free roaming environment with no load screens. It also has an all new gaming engine so it is quite bit different from any of the previous Tony Tawk games. The most notable difference is the Nail the Trick mode. It offers more variety to the game than you could previously do.

This is hands down the best Tony Hawk game to date. The TPro Skater series was alright and Underground and American Wasteland took the series up a notch but Project 8 propelled the game to a whole other level. Not only is there more to do, it is also quite a bit more challenging but also quite a bit more rewarding in what you can pull off.

In American Wasteland the achievements were an accurate reflection of the overall difficulty of the game which like most other Tony Hawk games were pretty easy. But with Project 8 you really have to work hard to earn the achievements.Most of the qualifications for the events were challenging even for an average Tony Hawk player. I personally think the Nail the Trick mode is exactly what Tony Hawk needed. For a while now there has only been minor tweaks in the game play and I felt the series had run its? course. This allowed the game to revive and make it interesting again. This was not just another rehash of the same game.

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