The Indonesian Art Of Sculpting

Since the beginning of time, men have had the interest for shaping simple objects into entirely new different objects. Human beings have learned to adapt to his surroundings, and this resilience of men has made them more in tune with their environment, enhancing their talents.

Modeling objects is somewhat similar to this concept. This process entails the usage of a material flexible enough to be manipulated through methods such as heating and molding. This manipulation is done to recreate the object it is being modeled after.

Sculpture is definitely a form of art that differs from culture to culture. All cultures may use the same material and same model, but how each culture implements their own cultural design, concept and beliefs would separate one work of art from another.

The Indonesian Symbolism

The Indonesian culture renders high respect and adoration for the nature that surrounds them. That?s why in most of their art forms, themes of natures are always incorporated in their designs. Such designs they use are intricate and very expressive. Furthermore, the Indonesian design sticks to colorfully bright and sharp details.

Indonesia?s close ties with its religious beliefs have led their art forms, specifically their sculptures, to be mythical in theme and design as well. These and other designs basically symbolize how significant life, nature and religion are to the Indonesian culture. Another addition to the already long list of themes significant to the Indonesian culture is the close ties that families form with one another which have so far inspired the Indonesian art tradition.

Indonesian Sculpture

Similar to wood carvings, sculpture in Indonesia follows the unwritten rule that the sculpture should incorporate the Indonesian’s concept of life, nature and religious beliefs. Indonesian sculpture involves many processes of polishing and touches that highlights the truthfulness it should possess. Indonesian sculpture is also never limited to fixed model positions. Instead, it has the ability to portray extreme movement and expressive features. Most important of all, the richness of the Indonesian ethnicity is evident in every unique piece of art, especially their sculptures. Each unique piece also represents the unique cultural diversity that resides within the boundaries of Indonesia.

Sculpture and other forms of art not only serve as a hobby for the Indonesian society but a way to preserve their rich cultural heritage as well. At and other websites in the Internet featuring sculptures, further appreciation for the Indonesian art can be seen.

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