The Heartbreak Kid

The Farrelly Brothers have done it again with ( Kid?! These talented brothers are a writer-director team who have become icons in comedy circles. ?Heartbreak Kid? is another great movie that will be an instant hit to add to their list of classics. We all remember their previous movies: ?There?s Something About Mary?, ?Dumb and Dumber?, ?Shallow Hal?, ?Kingpin? and ?Stuck on You?. These are the movies you want to watch over and over again, memorizing every line! ?Heartbreak Kid? has all the ingredients to become the next comedy classic ? Ben Stiller?s timing and quirkiness, physical mishaps (watch the hilarious trailer!) and a love triangle gone awry. Look for this movie in theaters in October 2007.

If you haven?t seen their movies before, be prepared for the irreverent since they often feature characters with mental and physical challenges. Lest you think they make fun of such folks, those with disabilities always emerge as heroes, while anyone belittling them definitely draws the short straw. The Farrellys also rely on zaniness, bathroom humor, and cameos by sports legends, earning this picture an R rating for strong sexual content, crude humor and language.

Dreamworks Pictures will release the ?Heartbreak Kid?, a Radar Pictures and Davis Entertainment Company Production written and directed by ( Farrelly and Peter Farrelly. Co-writers include Scot Armstrong, Leslie Dixon, and Kevin Barnett and the story is based on a short story called ?A Change of Plan? by Bruce Jay Friedman. Marc S. Fischer, John Davis, and Joe Rosenberg executive produced while Ted Field and Bradley Thomas produced the picture. Among the cast members are the irrepressible ( Stiller, who once again lands in hot water; ( Michelle Monaghan and Malin Akerman as his polar opposite love interests; Ben?s dad the funny and ageless Jerry Stiller; and the great Rob Corddry, along with numerous talented others. To watch the theatrical trailer visit For more information on contributors to this project, including cast see

?Heartbreak Kid? Plot

The new film is loosely based on a 1972 offering with the same title. In the new ?Heartbreak Kid? the delightful Ben Stiller in the perfect underdog role (Eddie) meets a woman that couldn?t possibly fall for him?or could she? Lila is gorgeous, outgoing, sexy, and blonde and marries him after a week of dating. Poor Eddie figures he?ll never get another chance like this, so away they go to Mexico for the perfect, tropical honeymoon. Unfortunately this is where Lila?s true nature comes out, leading Eddie to realize he?s made a dreadful mistake. It turns out that Lila is both horrible and loony. No one plays the duped nice-guy better than Stiller and this laugh-out-loud performance is no exception.

In the meantime, lovable and confused Eddie meets Miranda and knows that ?she?s the one?. Trying to hide his marriage, court Miranda, and not make it look like a juggling act keep our ?Heartbreak Kid? hilariously busy for the rest of the movie.

If you love great entertainment, don?t miss the ?Heartbreak Kid?.

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