The Guide To Scoobies

Scoobies are a big craze hitting the schools all across the UK and other countries, these play things are basically just pieces of string that are made into different shapes and forms in order to allow children to play with them or have projects to work on.

Scoobies are great as they give children a way to use their minds creatively and train themselves to think ahead and plan. These things are not just pieces of string, they are also great toys to keep children occupied for hours on end.

Where do I get scoobies?
You can buy the scoubidou string at many shops around your local town more than likely or you can also buy them over the internet, the material is very cheap. You can not make scoobies using just regular string, you need to buy the special scoubidou string in order for it to work, this string will make it possible to form many different shapes and make sure it stays as you want it to.

How do I get started?
You can get started very easily, all you need to do first of all is learn the very basic stitches. The different stitches are what makes the shapes and forms you are hoping for, so you need to learn the basics before trying to make a shape. You can learn this information by simply searching the internet for it, there are many websites that will show you different ways to make scoobies.

What can I make?
You can make nearly anything you want once you have got comfortable with the material and different stitches, however, when you just start out, it may be best if you stick to things like farmyard animals or hearts and very basic shaped like this, these sort of shapes tend to be what most people start out on and they are great as will keep a child happy at the same time.

What else can I do with scoobies?
There are competitions and various events across the internet in which you can compete to see who can create different things with scoubidou string such as the longest one or the most detailed shape and many more things. This is why these things are great for young children, they will allow them to really use their mind to create something and it sort of trains them to work harder and plan ahead, basically just helps them develop life skills that they will find extremely useful in later life.

That’s it for now, you now have the knowledge you need to get started with scoobies immediately, so what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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