The Girl With The Green Guitar

The high energy performances of rising country rock star, Candy Coburn, are starting to win her an ever increasing fan base. Sporting her trademark green guitar, a Mother’s Day gift from her husband, Candy literally explodes onto the stage in her live concerts. Her music has a unique style that Candy says was shaped by her life experiences and which seems to connect with her audience.

She has already released one CD titled, “Enjoy the Ride”, and her second CD is due out sometime this fall. She has been doing a lot of touring during which she has opened for many of country music’s biggest stars. In her most recent performance in Missouri’s bootheel region, she opened for Little Big Town. She certainly did a good job there of warming the crowd as she had them hooting and yelling for more.

Candy is a down to earth girl with a big heart, and as soon as her performance ended, she headed straight for a group of children in a special section high up in the arena. The children, many of them in wheelchairs, were given a thrill by having their pictures taken with the performer they had just finished cheering for on stage. She remained signing autographs and having her picture taken with fans until the main performance was ready to begin. Even when Little Big Town had finished their set, she was found in the lobby still mingling with her fans.

This is not unusual for this down-to-earth, unspoiled, but quickly rising, new singer. She can often be found doing charity shows in her home region, and relates easily and naturally with her growing number of avid fans. Do not be surprised if in the future the cry of “We want some Candy” is heard all over the world of country music.

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