The Fun And Delight Of Birthday Candles

Birthday candles appeared once the very practical side of candles disappeared. No longer used to bring light to people’s homes, candles were given other roles. The birthday custom of decorating the cake with candles counting the number of years was not present two hundred years ago; it is actually of a very recent date. Birthday candles are an important accessory for any party that celebrates some ones anniversary, children usually love them but there is no age limit. Some adults really enjoy blowing them out and make a wish.

Birthday candle types

A burning candle always brings a ray of joy to any party and a warm feeling of happiness. The blowing off tradition is a very spread custom present in many cultures and countries, it is almost a general fact to see birthday candles on party cakes. Some say that candles will bring light and joy to the celebrated person who will blow all birthday candles at once. Research has shown that such candles were used for the first time by the Greeks who lit candles on the ceremonial cakes made especially for Goddess Artemis. Though is not a Christian habit, this custom was later accepted by most Christians.

Some of the best birthday candles are made by the Germans who are famous for the variety of decorative items that can be used as ornaments on a cake. There are several types of birthday candles; the age candles are usually used on birthdays, the number of candles placed on the cake stand for the number of years of the celebrated person, if it is too large a number and you can’t actually place 40 candles on a cake because you risk to ruin the cake, a number birthday candle can be used.

Other types of candles are party candles and character birthday candles. Party candles are especially used at carnivals, and they come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Character birthday candles are preferred by kids who usually love to see their favorite cartoon or story character on their birthday cake. It is both innovative and fun.

How about trick birthday candles?

The funny thing with this kind of birthday candles is that when you blow them they re-light themselves, they are a big surprise not just for children, but for grown-ups too, you can really make a funny joke if you play the trick on someone close to you. The thing that makes the fire come back is that the wick contains magnesium that can re-light it several times.

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