The Everlasting Appeal Of Flowers

The flower is characterized by beautiful color, style, and daintiness. And there are some that are not so dainty as well. However the dainty ones are the ones that will wilt very quickly without the appropriate attention. Sometimes the flowers have really tough root systems and are survivors because they come back to life when we almost throw them in the trash.

Humans are kind of like flowers too. We are all different yet the same in many ways — just as flowers. And just as flowers, we also need companionship, loving, and care. Additionally, we need sometimes to be alone for inner growth just as flowers do. This is good for us as the solitude allows us to bloom.

All of should be able to see this — the similarity between humans and flowers. We too can live beside each other just as flowers and thrive on love and admiration. We, just as flowers, like to be praised and get compliments about our appearance.

The professionals find no difficulty in seeing the parallels between humans and flowers. The professionals we are referring to are floral arrangers, botanists, and horticulturists. The established gardeners as well as those who work with flowers each day understand this relationship all too well. They understand that flowers are very much like people and only want to be valued and cherished.

The scientists have long asserted from research that flowers and plants have “feelings” just as humans do.

You have not experienced nature’s truths and creative expression until you have arranged flowers.

A few helpful hints might help you enjoy the art of flower arranging much better. The following tips might help you in making your flower arrangements so that they don’t become a just a clump of flowers. Read further about creating perfect floral arrangements.

Remember that symmetric design is of key importance. This is achieved by grouping together flowers of like size, color, and type on both sides of what would be referred to as the vertical center. The arrangement should be larger than the container it is being put in by a factor of one and one-half. The end result is a fantastic visual impression.

When you arrange the flowers so that darker ones are with lighter ones and smaller ones are with larger, you achieve an effect of contrast. And by putting the same shape and color flowers in repetitive arrangements you will get a “flow” effect that is most eye-pleasing.

Make sure you snip the tips of the flower’s stems at an angle before placing them in water. Furthermore the water in the container should be lukewarm. This is all preparation work prior to doing arrangements. Don’t forget to place the prepared flowers in a location free from light and with a cool temperature until you are actually ready to do the arranging.

Picking up flowers at more than one day before the arrangement is not recommended as it will decrease the freshness of the final product. It may not result in the best outcome.

What is really nice is when you have your own garden and can prepare it any way you like. You don’t have to worry about any mistakes you make in it and if you do make some, they will not be as costly. Experience in gardening will be obtained as you try different things in it and learn from experience. The more experience increases your chance of better success.

We all have talents we may or may not be aware of and you might be surprised to find that creating works of art with flowers is one of yours.

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