Take Care Of Those Keepsake Quilts!

Over the years quilts have become cherished items that are given and received with love. In fact they are very rarely used to provide warmth but many people give them as gifts because they have come to symbolize something very personal. Today it is an art and the art of quilt making has become a craft of the very few,. In olden days it used to be quite commonplace, but the scarcity of quilt makers today only adds luxury and sentiment to quilts. For this reason many people love keepsake quits! Think about it, what better gift to give a newborn baby than a keepsake quilt that he/she will have forever to remember the very first day they were wrapped in love?

In olden times quilts were actually used to keep warm in cold weather and many were also used as bedspreads. And even those that were used and laundered many times over can still be found displayed in homes today with that added sentiment of the past.

Quilts are usually made by salvaging fabric from clothing and other sources and the sewing of these pieces of fabric together to form one large piece of fabric. Today this is referred to as a crazy quilt. There was no set pattern that the quilt followed. It literally was one piece of fabric sewed on to another until the desired size of fabric was achieved. Once the fabric was the size that was desired by the quilt maker, a filing was attached, which usually was a worn blanket or an inexpensive batting material. The end result was a two sided quilt that was then held together by hand sewn stitches or by tying the quilt with yarn.

Many people, because of the love and effort that went into making these quilts tend to keep them around as very sentimental valuables. And with good reason too; such things are so rare to find!

Today quilts are made a tad more different and under more favourable circumstances undoubtedly. Some of them are quite costly and very elegant. And these are the ones that are mostly given as baby gifts. But even these are not used for functional purposes per se, but are mostly displayed on the walls of nurseries or as family valuables elsewhere in the home.

There are a million different things you can do with your keepsake quilts and a million different ways to display your quilts. A good idea to is to take smaller quilts and sew them together to make one large quilt that you can actually use as a decorative cover.

Not very many people understand the true beauty of keepsake quilts but they are truly valuable and they are something that is perhaps of greater sentimental value than a photo album.

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