Sonic Youth Tickets – See True Alternative Rock Pioneers

Sonic Youth tickets, amazingly, have been available for more than 25 years already. It seems like just yesterday that this innovative band was doing its part in redefining the genre of rock and roll as we know it. The legion of loyal Sonic Youth fans just got some great news, however, in that the band is getting back together and hitting the stage once again to relive their old classics and most likely add some of their new signature innovations to the shows they play. A look at their history will help clarify how they became musical icons.

Early Beginnings

The original members of the band all spent their early lives performing in any of several post-punk bands that were prevalent on the local music scene at the time. Given that many of these bands performed together and in the same venues, they got to know each other, and two of the members, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, dated for a time before the band was formed, and they would eventually marry and have a child.

Moore and Gordon also discovered that they had common musical tastes, and they began to perform together. They eventually recruited the other members and ?officially? formed Sonic Youth in 1981. Their first gig was at a 10-day ?Noise Festival? in the New York neighborhood of SoHo, and their performance was a resounding success. It wasn?t long before Sonic Youth tickets were difficult to find, as they built a loyal local following that would soon get them noticed by the music industry.

Unique Sound

The band is credited with a new sound that became the foundation for ?alternative? rock and roll, and the biggest variable that contributed to this sound was the band?s alternate guitar tunings. A little-known fact is that these guitars were tuned in a non-traditional way because they were extremely cheap, as the band could not afford top-notch equipment.

These tunings led to additional innovations, as their approach to music was never what many would consider ?scientific.? The band was independent in their approach, and would often formulate melodies and beats based solely on how they felt at the time they were playing.


This purely artistic approach to music led to a wide following for their live shows, but it also led to a career with success that would be considered more ?underground? in nature, as they never had a huge commercial success with their albums. None of their albums ever got any higher than 34 on the US album charts, but their following did continue to grow.

If you want to see a band that?s all about artistic expression and freedom with their sound, Sonic Youth tickets are just what you need.