Star Tattoos – Why Are They So Popular?

The star tattoo is one of the most commonly requested types of custom design. A star is one of the classic tattoo designs, as it is all things to all people. Star tattoos are extremely popular for a number of reasons;

1) Star tattoos are a popular choice for first timers who are anxious about the whole process. They provide the perfect introduction to the world of tattoos, because they’re small, flexible, less painful to get done and to heal, and are much easier to cover up.

2) Star tattoos are often small in size and therefore relatively inexpensive (a small star design stencil may cost $10 and the artist may charge $50-100).

3) As most star designs are made up of a number of stars and other celestial bodies, it’s much easier and cheaper for a good tattoo artist to create a unique design. Your star tattoo can easily be tailored to express the individuality of your personality.

4) Many people make the mistake of basing their designs on their current interests (favorite TV shows, hobbies, jobs, people etc), but things change, and in the future they may live to regret these decisions. But stars are timeless. They’ve been around for millions of years and for most people will be just as relevant in the future as they are today.

5) Star tattoos can symbolise a wide range of beliefs and ideas. But in general they’re seen as a symbol of positivity. They show that you’re somebody who is fun and light hearted.

6) Stars designs are gender neutral and can be worn by either men or women without looking out of place.

7) As these designs are popular among women, the rapid growth in this market has boosted the demand for star tattoos.

8) And finally, due to their size, star tattoos extremely versatile with a massive range of styles, sizes, shapes and colors. A collection of stars and other celestial symbols can form their own design. But they can also be used to brighten up existing tattoos or cover up unwanted designs.

Star Tattoo Placement

The location of your star tattoo can also be used to enhance the character of your design. Depending upon the design, shoulders, ankles and around the navel are the most popular locations for star tattoos. Although the small of the back has emerged as the new sexual and sensual place for discreet star designs. But before you decide, it’s important to take certain considerations into account.

First, if you want your tattoo to remain discreet (either for privacy or professional reasons), bear in mind the type of clothing that you normally wear. The location and size of your star design should allow it to be easily covered by your normal style of clothing.

Second, bear in mind the effects of aging on the body. As you get older, certain parts of your body stretch and sag. All tattoos, but star designs in particular, do not respond well to stretched skin and a loss of muscle tone due to their symmetrical nature.

So while it may seem like a good idea to place a star tattoo around a woman’s navel, weight gain, pregnancy, loss of muscle tone etc can wreck havoc with the overall symmetry and look of the star design. Areas such as the shoulders or lower back suffer less from the effects of aging.

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