Stanley Fatmax Range

Last month Stanley released a new product range called Fat Max, comprising of a collection of hand tools. Yesterday Stanley sent us a selection of tools for us to review. As usual with any hand tools we received here, it falls to me to review them. I never seem to get the opportunity to review a large pneumatic hammer. Anyways on with the show…

On opening the parcel that had been sent. There was three tools. The Fat Max Fubar, A hammer and a selection of 4 chisels. Setting the tools down in my work area i noticed straight a the Fat Max range had the quality that we’d come to expect from Stanley, weighty and robust!

The Fubar was the first tool i decided to try. I’d been hearing a lot about this interesting little tool from a few people. On the Stanley website there is a great video of a demonstration day, where Stanley give a Fubar to a group of builders and let them go at a shed. Needless to say they tear it apart within seconds.

The fubar is certainly great at tearing down sheds. I think its definitely a evolution of the crowbar. But I very much doubt it is going to catch on in the main stream world. Most people will stick to using a sledge or a crow bar.

According to the spec sheet The Stanley Fat Max Xtreme Fubar Demolition is a 4-in-1 tool and is perfect for prying, splitting, board bending and striking jobs. A fact that did impress me was that the Fat Max Xtreme is forged from high-carbon steel with a trilobe design that can withstand up to 975 foot-pounds of bending momentum. Thats a lot of torque!

On the whole however the Fat Max Fubar is an elegant solution to one of the more inelegant jobs.

Next I took a look at the Stanley’s Fat Max chisel range. They are a very cost-effective alternative for the home wood work shop. They unique design is certainly a clever one. The handles are the most notable part of the Fat Max series with the rubber overlay and ergonomically designed grip. The Fat Max chisel set also comes in a plastic carry case with a clear front cover. This makes it easier to select the chisel you want.

Finally we come to the Stanley Fat Max 22-Ounce Checkered Face Framing Hammer. This hammer features a rim-tempered chamfered edge that prevents chipping, and a unique head design that gives a larger striking surface and better overall balance. However in many people’s opinion a hammer is a hammer is a hammer.

In summary I would suggest if your in the market for a crowbar I’d definitely take a look at the Fubar, its a hell of a lot more versatile than a standard crowbar. The chisels are quite good too, although i wouldn’t be throwing away your old ones just yet. And the hammer? Well its a good one. But i this reviewers eyes, i still don’t think you can beat an Estwing.

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