Sony Ps3’s Are Overpriced Now You Can Fight Back

When you compare Playstation 3 prices to other gaming consoles there is one thing that is going to stand out in your mind; that being the fact that the ps3 is much more expensive than other systems. When it comes down to it the new ps3 is offered at two different distinct price levels. The basic version is going to set consumers back $499, and if you want to opt for the premium you will have to pay $599. So as you can probably imagine it is not pretty when you compare ps3 prices to the competition.

Let?s take the lower priced base model for comparison purposes. This model ps3 will cost you approximately $500. This may look like a good deal for a gaming system that is so widely anticipated. Not only are people in the United States clamoring to get their hands on a new ps3, but this craze has taken over the entire world. But with that in mind, when you compare ps3 prices to other options you may have a different outlook on what you want to buy. The new ps3 is being released on November 17, 2006 in the United States. This is around the same time that Nintendo is releasing its new Wii. Whereas you will have to pay $500 for the ps3, you can get the Nintendo equivalent for the low price of $249.99. Even though some people will argue that the ps3 is a better system to play on, you need to ask yourself whether or not it is worth the extra few hundred dollars. And remember, this is when you are dealing with the base model ps3. If you want to buy the premium system you will have to take another $100 out of your pocket.

Also, when you compare ps3 prices to the Microsoft Xbox 360 you will again notice that the cost is much higher. An Xbox 360 costs about $400 which is $100 or so less than the ps3. Even though this system is a year old, you again have to ask yourself if buying the ps3 is worth the money to you.

When you compare ps3 prices you should remember that you do not have to be in a hurry to buy. Sure, you want to get the ps3 when it is released so that you can recognize the benefits before anybody else, but with that in mind you must remember that this is not always conducive to your pocket book.

And remember, since the demand for the ps3 is so high you may not even be able to get a unit the first day that it comes out; in fact you may have to wait several months until you can finally get your hands on this new system.

Overall, when you compare ps3 prices to the competition you will notice that the cost is much more expensive. Are the extra few hundred dollars worth it to you? If so, forget comparing prices and go out and get what you want!

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