Shoes for the Bride

Trying to find the perfect shoes for your Special Day can only be described as troublesome. Will it be heels or flats? Will you show your toes or will you opt for a sandal look? Wading through all the colors, styles and designs may cause the soon to be bride to shed a tear or two.

Don’t despair, finding a wedding shoe doesn’t have to be such a daunting proposition if you just follow a few simple details.

Let’s first look at your gown and it’s color and type of fabric. A rule of thumb, is to keep your shoes and gown as coordinated as closely as possible. Match the material of your wedding dress with the fabric of your shoes.

Heels would be the right choice if your going with a short or knee length dress to make your legs look slimmer. It will also give you legs all the way up to your,well, you know where. A nice addition and attraction would be to go with an open toe heels. Well manicured toes are a must if you chose this option.

The climate is another consideration if you’re getting married outside. If it’s going to be hot and humid, you’ll want to think about sandals as your choice. After all, you’ll not want to turn your new husband off with stinky feet when you remove your shoes after the wedding.

Make sure that your shoes are a comfortable fit. You’ll be on your feet all day so you’ll want something that feels nice. Don’t try and squeeze into a shoe just for the look Wear the size that you would normally wear for your office shoes or dress pumps.

If you fall between two sizes it’s best to choose the larger one. Don?t sacrifice style over comfort. If your feet hurt you will feel miserable. If you decide to choose a wedding shoe with straps or ties make sure that they can be loosen easily and does not scraped onto your skin. Your wedding shoes can make or break your wedding day.

Make sure you take your new shoes on a test drive. Walk on different surfaces and break them in good before your special day. Do Not sacrifice comfort for style.

Take a piece of sandpaper to roughen the smooth finish on the sole of the shoes. This will help to avoid slipping on smooth surfaces. Its better to change your wedding shoes now than wait for the actual wedding and be sorry for not being able to walk properly on the aisle.

Once your at the reception you’ll want to have a second pair of shoes handy. Keeping comfort uppermost in your mind. You’ll be sitting most of the time at the reception so why would you want to have heels on?

It pays to spend extra effort in choosing the perfect pair wedding shoes. Brides in general do not give as much attention to their wedding shoes as they do to their gowns. They thought that their guest?s attention would be on their dress. But most people are drawn to the bride?s legs and feet if they are wearing short dress, thus giving extra attention to your wedding shoes. Would it be nice to have your best feet forward during your wedding day.

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