Senate Takes Up Debate On Regular Marriage

The Senate, fresh from its rancorous but indecisive debate on a constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage, has now taken up debate on an amendment that would ban regular marriage.

A leading Republican senator stated, ?When you consider how high the divorce rate is, you know there are a lot of unhappy marriages out there between men and women. I?m not sure continuing to allow them is in the national interest.?

The Democratic whip said, ?In addition to the divorce rate, you?ve got to look at how many parents are disappointed in the amount of gratitude their children show and how many children don?t think their parents love them enough. Since parents usually want more gratitude than their children can give, and children often demand more love than most parents can give, it seems there?s an inherent problem with a marriage that can produce children.?

President Bush took an unwavering position, saying, ?The kind of marriage we allow in America has to set a good example for the children of this great nation, and, frankly, I don?t think a lot of marriages out there are hitting that high marker. So I urge the Congress to pass the amendment. No more regular marriages, no more bad examples for our children ? it?s as simple as that. And the result is guaranteed, because, in all likelihood, there won?t be anymore children.?

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