Seasonal Dollhouses

As a society, we follow certain seasonal traditions. Spring brings Easter, complete with bunnies, eggs and candy. In the summer, we highlight July 4 in the United States, while other countries have similar mid-summer events. Fall brings the changing of the leaves and Halloween with its spooky graveyards, witches and black cats. In winter, we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States with turkey dinners, pilgrims and cornucopias. This is followed by Christmas, Hanukkah or another mid-winter celebration. Then comes New Year?s, and the cycle of the year begins anew.

As we decorate and redecorate our homes for the changing traditions throughout the year, many dollhouse enthusiasts have discovered the fun of redecorating their dollhouses the same way. Due to its miniature scale, a dollhouse is the ideal backdrop for extensive redecorating projects that simply are not practical on a full scale in your home. If you have the time and patience for the project, it is relatively simple to perform even elaborate remodels to better suit a particular holiday theme, changing the house back to normal after the season ends.

If you prefer to add small touches rather than performing major remodeling work, seasonal decorations for dollhouses abound. You can purchase a Christmas tree (fully decorated or ready to decorate), a Hanukkah menorah, Jack o’ Lantern for Halloween, and almost any other seasonal decoration you can imagine. Let your own creativity run rampant, crafting miniature versions of your own decorations or those you would love to have for use in your dollhouse.

Don?t forget the small touches such as seasonal tablecloths and kitchen decorations, as well as seasonally appropriate food items. Nothing says ?American Thanksgiving tradition? better than a turkey on the table or the stovetop. Adding a few appropriate items in most or all of the dollhouse rooms will give the dollhouse a very festive air. Also, consider changing the dolls? clothes a bit. Seasonally appropriate clothing, whether a nice dress for Christmas or a costume for Halloween, will add to the realism of the scene.

If you want to do something to mark the holiday with a dollhouse, but you do not want to work with your display piece, another option exists. It is possible to purchase seasonal dollhouse kits or even fully-built seasonal dollhouses. These seasonal dollhouses are a bit over the top, decorated to the hilt for their respective seasons. However, they make a fun addition to your seasonal home decorations and are a nice substitute for fiddling with your display dollhouse.

However you decide to decorate with dollhouses for the changing seasons, remember that your dollhouses are a portion of your overall home d?cor. Just as it is necessary to retain balance in the interior design of your dollhouse, you should also maintain balance between your dollhouses and the rest of your home decorations. Enjoy your seasonal dollhouse additions but remember not to overdo it. A harmonious blend is the ideal, during the holiday seasons as well as throughout the year.

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