Sanjaya Malakar Is Saving American Idol

The television show American Idols is no doubt a ratings blockbuster, however, after being on the air for six years, a show can start to show some wear and tear. Though not suffering from declining ratings, the crop of fresh talent this year does not seem to have the same star power of years past.

Websites such as Vote for the Worst, a site devoted to choosing the worst singer on American Idol to vote for. The creators of the website contend that American Idol is not about finding the best talent and many great singers are sent packing as the shows judges and producers choose to push along those with lackluster and mediocre talent tainting the contest before it even begins.

While Idol fans do not have to agree with the tactics of the rogue website, there seems little other explanation of Idol contestants such as Diana Dagarmo, who actually made it to the finals on season three of the show and contestants of this year Antonella Barbara and Sanjaya Malakar. All three were easy on the eyes but were not as kind to our ear drums.

There are only three truly talented singers in the top ten contestants of this year. Unfortunately, all three seem to be very similar in singing styles making it a quite boring and mundane contest. The only pseudo rocker on the show Gina was just booted from the show at the last elimination and without the erstwhile Malakar I fear the show would definitely suffer in the ratings department.

Due to the controversy of the singing challenged Malakar, Idol is making headlines in popular celebrity weekly magazines such as Star Magazine, The National Enquirer and US Weekly as well as popular entertainment shows. Forums and message boards are being lit up with the idea that such a mediocre talent continues to prevail week after week while others with better chops are seeing the door.

The ever grumpy Simon Cowell has threatened to quite if Sanjaya actually wins, and the self proclaimed king of all media Howard Stern has jumped into the fray egging on his devoted listeners, who perhaps do not even watch the show to vote for the follicle challenged Sanjaya Malakar. There are tons of articles being devoted to this new phenomenon and the media savvy Malakar has even cut off his famous locks and they are being auctioned for a reported two million dollars.

It is inconceivable that anyone that has the power to offer Sanjaya Malakar a record contract would actually do so, but the sunny faced teen may have saved American Idol this season.

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